The SWIFT MT message standard is split into four areas, Payments, Trade Services, Securities and Trading. A list of SWIFT FIN/MT messages for Payments and Trade Services is provided below. A complete inventory of available SWIFT MT messages can be found on SWIFT’s website.

Customer Payments & Checks

101 Request for Transfer
102 / 102+ Multiple Customer Credit Transfer
103 / 103+ / 103 REMIT Single Customer Credit Transfer
104 Direct Debit and Request for Debit Transfer Message
105 EDIFACT Envelope
106 EDIFACT Envelope
107 General Direct Message
110 Advice of Cheque(s)
111 Request for Stop Payment of a Cheque
112 Status of a Request for Stop Payment of a Cheque
199 Free Format Message

Treasury Markets–Foreign Exchange, Money Markets & Derivatives

300 Foreign Exchange Confirmation
303 Forex/Currency Option Allocation Instruction
304 Advice/Instruction of a 3rd Party Deal
305 Foreign Currency Option Confirmation
306 Foreign Currency Option Confirmation
307 Advice/Instruction of a 3rd Party FX Deal
308 Instruction for a Gross/Net Settlement of 3rd Party FX deals
320 Fixed Loan/Deposit Confirmation
321 Instruction to Settle a 3rd Party Loan /Deposit
330 Call/Notice (Loan/Deposit Confirmation)
340 Forward Rate Agreement Confirmation
341 Forward Rate Agreement Settlement Confirmation
350 Advice of Loan/Deposit Interest Payment
360 Single Currency Interest Rate Derivative Confirmation
361 Cross Currency Interest Rate Swap Confirmation
362 Interest Rate Reset/Advice of Payment
364 Single Currency Interest Rate Derivative Confirmation
365 Cross Currency Interest Rate Swap Termination/Recouponing Confirmation
380 Foreign Exchange Order
381 Foreign Exchange Order Confirmation

Documentary Credits & Guarantees

700 Issue of Documentary Credit
701 Issue of Documentary Credit
705 Pre-Advice of a Documentary Credit
707 Amendment to a Documentary Credit
710 Advice of a 3rd Bank’s Documentary Credit
711 Advice of a 3rd Bank’s Documentary Credit
720 Transfer of a Documentary Credit
721 Transfer of a Documentary Credit
730 Acknowledgement
732 Advice of Discharge
734 Advice of Refusal
740 Authorisation to Reimburse
742 Re-imbursement Claim
747 Amendment to an Authorisation to Reimburse
750 Advice of Discrepancy
752 Authorization to Pay, Accept or Negotiate
754 Advice of Payment/Acceptance/Negotiations
756 Advice of Re-imbursement or Payment
760 Guarantee/Standby LC
767 Guarantee/ Standby LC Amendment
768 Acknowledgement of a Guarantee/ Standby LC Message
769 Advice of Reduction or Release
799 Authenticated Free Format Message

Cash Management & Customer Status

900 Confirmation of Debit
910 Confirmation of Credit
920 Request Message
935 Rate Change Advice
940 Customer Statement Message
941 Balance Report
942 Interim Transaction Report
950 Statement Message
960 Request for Service Initiation Message
961 Initiation Response Message
962 Key Service Message
963 Key Acknowledgement Message
964 Error Message
965 Error in Key Service Message
966 Discontinue Service Message
967 Discontinuation Acknowledgement Message
970 Netting Statement
971 Netting Balance Report
972 Netting Interim Statement
973 Netting Request Statement
985 Status Enquiry
986 Status Report
999 Free Format Message

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