What are my Options for Corporate to Bank Connectivity?

With different technologies being used for Treasury and non-Treasury functions, the challenge is to find the best connectivity model for your organization. There are four traditional models that Corporate Treasury uses to integrate with their banks:

The rapidly changing Treasury technology market has created a range of integration options for Corporate Treasury to leverage. Because every company is at a different stage of its growth progression or centralization of its Treasury function, no specific model may emerge as an absolute best. One way to resolve your integration challenges is by leveraging the potential of both cloud computing service providers and the expertise of your financial service partners.

Direct Integration (DIY)

This model is characterized by point-to-point connections with each of a corporation’s financial counterparties. Learn More »

Concentration Bank Integration

This model uses a single, lead bank to concentrate data flows from secondary banks into Treasury. Learn More »

SWIFT Integration

With this model, Treasury employs the SWIFT network and standardized formats to exchange data with its banking partners. Learn More »

Hybrid – SWIFT & Direct Integration

This model attempts to take the best of both the Direct Integration and SWIFT models by using each where most appropriate. Learn More »

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