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Balancing Customer Ease Against Growing Complexity for Client Connectivity

Global multi-national and large corporate clients expect sophisticated connectivity solutions from their financial institutions. These clients also expect their financial services providers to make it easy for them, by supporting their preferred connectivity method and file formats. Read this white paper to learn how you can balance customer ease against increased expense and complexity without breaking the bank.

Checklist App for SWIFT Services Vendor Selection

More and more corporate treasury organizations are considering SWIFT to route payment instructions or collect account statements from their banks around the world. But connecting to the SWIFT network can be daunting, with the associated requirements for dedicated hardware and software, along with in-house SWIFT certified experts. Many corporates opt for an outsourced SWIFT services solution. This Checklist App will help you engage in more educated conversations with SWIFT vendors and evaluate the various SWIFT outsourcing options that best fit your business requirements.

Common Ground: GXS and Financial Services Firms Discuss the Future of Connectivity

During a recent roundtable discussion, GXS and its financial services clients held a rousing discussion about key trends affecting the industry and the complexity faced in serving corporate clients. With representatives from North American and European financial institutions, the discussion aimed to provide thought leadership on key trends affecting financial services innovation. This article provides a full synopsis of the roundtable discussion.

2014 gtnews SWIFT Buyer’s Guide

SWIFT recognizes a paradigm shift in 2014 as nearly half of corporate treasury departments take a hands-on approach to connect to the SWIFT network directly, by moving to Alliance Lite2, SWIFT’s cloud-based service. In this 36-page guide, you will find an in-depth look at SWIFT’s new Know Your Customer (KYC) Registry for correspondent banks to help them meet their financial crime regulatory and counterparty audit requirements. Learn about the benefits that Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) offers corporate treasurers.

Top 10 Lessons Learned: Corporate-to-Bank Connectivity in the Cloud Webinar with Dow Corning Corporation

Learn more about the top 10 lessons learned from the Dow Corning Corporation webinar hosted by GXS and gtnews titled “’Corporate-to-Bank Integration in the Cloud”.

New E-invoicing Rules to Spur Adoption in 2013

Nigel Taylor, GXS – gtnews (registration required)
2013 is already shaping up to be a watershed year for electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) with new legislation coming into effect in Europe, Latin America and the US. Most companies recognise that e-invoicing is faster and more efficient than processing paper, offering compelling cost savings for both the buyer and supplier.

GXS Corporate to Bank Connectivity White Paper

This white paper takes a closer look at the complexities of working with multiple banks, transaction standards, operational constraints and the lack of integrated interfaces. The answer does not lie in technology alone, but rather a combination of technology, experience and the right skills. A comprehensive list of key attributes for choosing a C2B connectivity partner is essential and available in this whitepaper.

Corporate to Bank Infographic

Ready to upgrade your Treasury Management System? Check out this infographic outlining the five most common questions asked by leading corporations about bank connectivity.

Quantum Mechanics of the Invoice

Nigel Taylor, GXS – gtnews (registration required)
Business-to-business (B2B) integration has made progress but still has further to travel. This article looks at what has been achieved across the supply chain and the treasurer’s role in driving further efficiencies.

Dematerialisation of B2B Finance: Implications for the Treasurer

Nigel Taylor, GXS – gtnews (registration required)
Business-to-business (B2B) integration has made progress but still has further to travel. This article looks at what has been achieved across the supply chain and the treasurer’s role in driving further efficiencies.

The Trade Tilt Hypothesis

David Hennah, SWIFT and Nigel Taylor, GXS – gtnews (registration required)
Much has been said about the potential of the bank payment obligation (BPO) as an electronic equivalent to documentary trade processes and an automated alternative to open account. With the financial turmoil of the past few years, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what impact this new instrument may eventually have on global trade, but with an accelerated emergence of the Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) economies, the business case for electronic cross-border trade is increasingly compelling

Evaluating Corporate-to-Bank Integration Models

Mark Mixter, GXS – Rene Schuurman, Citi – gtnews (registration required)
The rapidly changing treasury technology market has created a range of integration options for corporate treasurers to leverage. Corporates should leverage the potential of both cloud computing service providers and the expertise of your financial service partners.

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