BAI2 Balance Reporting Specification

The BAI2 file format (preceded by BAI1) was developed by the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) as a cash management balance reporting specification. In 2008, the BAI transferred copyright ownership of the BAI file format to the Accredited Standards Committee X9, Inc. (ASC X9). ASC X9 has developed a next generation standard called the Balance Transaction Reporting Standard (BTRS).

The BAI2 specification established a common format for exchanging data. Balance reporting transmissions include data describing hundreds of different types of account activity, ranging from securities transactions to lockbox deposits. Each transaction, summary or balance classification has been assigned a uniform type code. The type code uniquely identifies the type of activity or balance being reported. Type codes are three-digit numbers used to identify the types of data reported. Codes are either Status, Summary or Detail.

Type Code


10 Opening Ledger
11 Average Opening Ledger MTD
12 Average Opening Ledger YTD
15 Closing Ledger
20 Average Closing Ledger MTD
21 Average Closing Ledger – Previous Month
22 Aggregate Balance Adjustments
24 Average Closing Ledger YTD – Previous Month
25 Average Closing Ledger YTD
30 Current Ledger
37 ACH Net Position
39 Opening Available + Total Same-Day ACH DTC Deposit
40 Opening Available
41 Average Opening Available MTD
42 Average Opening Available YTD
43 Average Available – Previous Month
44 Disbursing Opening Available Balance
45 Closing Available
50 Average Closing Available MTD
51 Average Closing Available – Last Month
54 Average Closing Available YTD – Last Month
55 Average Closing Available YTD
56 Loan Balance
57 Total Investment Position
59 Current Available (CRS Supressed)
60 Current Available
61 Average Current Available MTD
62 Average Current Available YTD
63 Total Float
65 Target Balance
66 Adjusted Balance
67 Adjusted Balance MTD
68 Adjusted Balance YTD
70 0-Day Float
72 1-Day Float
73 Float Adjustment
74 2 or More Days Float
75 3 or More Days Float
76 Adjustment to Balances
77 Average Adjustment to Balances MTD
78 Average Adjustment to Balances YTD
79 4-Day Float
80 5-Day Float
81 6-Day Float
82 Average 1-Day Float MTD
83 Average 1-Day Float YTD
84 Average 2-Day Float MTD
85 Average 2-Day Float YTD
86 Transfer Calculation

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