ANSI X12 EDI Financial Document Types

The use of EDI in the financial services industry is sometimes called “Financial EDI (FEDI)”. FEDI is the electronic transfer of payments, payment-related information or other financial documents in a standardized, machine-readable format.


135 Student Loan Application
139 Student Loan Guarantee Result
144 Student Loan Transfer and Status Verification
155 d Credit Report
156 d Entitlement Payment Recipient Account Inquiry/Response
190 Student Enrollment Verification
191 Student Loan Pre-Claims and Claims
197 d Real Estate Title Evidence
198 d Loan Verification Information
199 d Mortgage Settlement Information
200 Mortgage Credit Report
201 Residential Loan Application
203 Secondary Mortgage Market Investor Report
205 d Mortgage Note
206 d Real Estate Mortgage Inspection Request
207 d Real Estate Mortgage Inspection Result
208 d Income Property Appraisal Report
209 d Condominium Appraisal Report
260 Application for Mortgage Insurance Benefits
261 b Residential Appraisal Request
262 Residential Appraisal Report
263 Residential Mortgage Insurance Application Response
264 Mortgage Loan Default Status
265 Real Estate Title Insurance Services Order
266 Mortgage Record Change
810 e,* Invoice
811 * Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement
812 * Credit/Debit Adjustment
819 Operating Expense Statement
820 * Payment Order/Remittance Advice
821 Financial Information Reporting
822 Customer Account Analysis
823 Lockbox
824 e,* Application Advice
827 Financial Payment Return Order/Return Notice
828 Debit Authorization
829 Payment Cancellation Request
831 Application Control Totals
833 Mortgage Credit Report Order
844 Product Transfer Account Adjustment
849 Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment
872 Residential Mortgage Insurance Application
880 Grocery Products Invoice


124 Vehicle Damage
148 Report of Injury, Illness or Incident
186 Laboratory Reporting
253d Data Reporting Requirements
255b Insurance Underwriting Information Services
256d Periodic Annuity Compensation
268d Annuity Account Activity
270 Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry
271 Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Information
272 Property and Casualty Loss Notification
273b Insurance/Annuity Application Status
275b Patient Information
276 Health Care Claim Status Request
277 Health Care Claim Status Notification
278 Health Care Service Review Information
362 Cargo Insurance Advice of Shipment
834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice
837 Health Care Claim

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