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Clear Out The Clutter: Modernize Your International Payment Communications

Watch this 45-minute webinar to gain an understanding of multi-platform, cross-channel, corporate-to-business communication platforms such as EBICS, and the use of SWIFT CGI messaging standards for corporate-to-bank communications. In addition, you will learn about new developments within SEPA, the regulatory implications of the Payment Services Directive II that are challenging legacy European payment processes, and how they are changing the way we do business internationally.

Focus on Regional Banking – Meeting the Connectivity Needs of Increasingly Sophisticated Commercial Clients

This 30-minute webinar provides an overview of industry trends, SWIFT adoption drivers and also explores deployment alternatives for regional banks as communication requirements grow more sophisticated. Become well-versed about the complexity of corporate-to-bank connectivity including support for an increasing variety of file formats and product interfaces as well as SWIFT integration options.

Corporate-to-Bank Integration in the Cloud Webinar

When Dow Corning Corporation decided to upgrade its treasury technology to standardize, improve and enhance interactions with its banking partners, it still faced a challenge with corporate-to-bank integration. Learn about different connectivity options available to corporates and which approach DCC used to simplify connectivity with its banks around the globe. DCC will also discuss how it approached its banking relationship structure as part of its technology upgrade project and how it manages those relationships on an on-going basis.

Compliance in the Cloud: Raising the Bar in Financial Services

This webinar with Rodney Nelsestuen, TowerGroup Senior Research Director, Financial Services offers critical insights into the operational chaos facing financial services firms with the growth of cloud computing, on-demand services and financial counterparties.

Client Lifecycle Management: The New Core Competency in Treasury & Transaction Management

Learn how to reduce the complexity of bank-to-business integration, automate manually intensive on-boarding processes, accelerate client implementation time frames, minimize incomplete or inaccurate client information, and decrease the difficultly in migrating customers when consolidating systems. Third-party research and financial services case studies are included.

SWIFT and Corporates—Partnering to Grow

Discover how this new service creates the world’s largest “B2Bank” business network by establishing interoperability between the largest networks for financial transactions and B2B e-commerce across all continents, giving companies a single way to connect with banks, suppliers and customers.


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