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  • Building secure communication resiliency at the desktop
    The unprecedented events of 2020 have shown many organizations the cracks in their infrastructure. Faced with the sudden reality of remote work environments, organizations that have traditionally relied upon fa … Read More »
  • Building a resilient supply chain
    The massive disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak has highlighted significant challenges in global supply chains. As highlighted in Fortune magazine: “The coronavirus pandemic has caused delays and othe … Read More »
  • Rapid Radiology puts the focus on senior care
    As one of the largest teleradiology providers in the U.S., Rapid Radiology was established to expedite and enhance patient diagnosis and treatment, and to specifically elevate the quality of senior patient care … Read More »
  • 4 lessons for the pharma supply chain after COVID-19
    The medical supply chain has proved remarkably resilient during the Covid-19 crisis with drug shortages kept to a minimum. However, the pandemic has exposed a weakness in global supply chains that have to addre … Read More »
  • OpenText fax and Epic are integrated!
    Each day, volumes of critical information are sent to and from doctors, patients, pharmacies, laboratories, healthcare providers and insurance companies. These documents are often urgent, protected from uninten … Read More »
  • What’s new in OpenText IoT 20.2
    Amidst an environment of increasingly global and complex supply chains, organizations must collaborate closely with customers, suppliers and partners to achieve real-time visibility across every part of the sup … Read More »
  • How to make working from home…work!
    The concept of remote or home working isn’t new, but its adoption has been painfully slow. In 2019, less than 3% of American’s – about 4.7 million people – worked remotely. In 2015, it was 3.9 million. This rep … Read More »
  • What is digital fax?
    As enterprises digitally transform, optimizing content-centric processes and workflows becomes a priority. We’re saying goodbye to the traditional fax machine but looking to the performance, security and stabil … Read More »
  • Transitioning customer communications from paper to digital
    When it comes to customer communications, Millennials, we’re told, prefer text and social media messages to phone calls and email. While most of the research into customer communications has focused on the cust … Read More »
  • What’s new in OpenText RightFax 20.2
    OpenText™ is pleased to announce that OpenText™ RightFax™ 20.2 is now available for download. The newest version of RightFax is packed with new features and functionality designed to help businesses optimize wo … Read More »

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