What is the best option for me to connect with the SWIFT Network?

So you have completed your cost/benefit analysis and are considering migrating some or all of your bank connections to SWIFT. The next question then becomes how best to connect to SWIFTNet. There are three options; the appeal of which will vary depending on your needs. The first option is direct connectivity. In this scenario your own IT organization manages all aspects of implementing, testing, and maintaining your SWIFT software and infrastructure. Many IT organizations lacking experience with SWIFT are surprised by the level of effort required. Direct connectivity necessitates the deployment of SWIFT’s proprietary software, implementation of specialized security procedures and completion of extensive testing programs.

If you are not fully sold on the SWIFT value proposition but would like to experiment with the service, then Alliance Lite2 may be the best option. Alliance Lite2 is a packaged offering from SWIFT providing connectivity through a web browser on a standard PC. Alliance Lite2 is best suited to companies with standardized requirements and moderate volumes.

The third option is to use a SWIFT Service Bureau provider to manage your SWIFT connectivity. A SWIFT Service Bureau eliminates the need to invest in the infrastructure, maintenance and personnel to support your SWIFT messaging needs while still allowing you to tailor the implementation to meet your specific needs.

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